Ždreške lazi (Ždrelac pathways)

Folklore Society “Saint Luka” Ždrelac organizes a traditional folklore evening "Ždreške lazi". The evening was named after the lyrics from the poem of the Croatian poet ".... the old paths have been forgotten ... no one carries a burden... no nobody passes there ... because new times have arrived... ". The event is traditionally held every year in the very center of Ždrelac and gathers many tourists and locals.

International Folklore Festival - Dobropoljana

It is traditionally held every year in Dobropoljani under the leadership of the Folklore Society of the city of Dobropoljane. Each year there are numerous domestic and foreign Folklore Societies on the festival and this is one of the most important cultural events in this area. You can see different costumes from all over the world, try homemade delicacies and enjoy the special ambiance of the blend of culture and the sea. The event takes place on the stage next to the local promenade. After the cultural program, visitors can also expect an entertainment program.

Island sling competition

Sustainable Development Association BUMBAK, in cooperation with many volunteers, organizes this unique event in the wider area. It's shooting from the sling competition. In order to promote the traditional old games, the sling must be woody and the competition itself takes place in a forest near the main road. In addition to educational content and entertaining games, visitors can enjoy a rich gastronomic offer and a rich entertainment program that lasts long into the night.

Slovenian night

Slovenian night is held for almost twenty years in Pašman, on the promenade. Evening entertainment program lasts long into the night. Slovenian star performs. The evening is meant for all Slovenian tourists but also for everyone else. Dalmatian feast in Slovenian way, a fusion that ensures unforgettable entertainment and fun.

Mišulića siđa

In the old part of Kraj, there is a one day where the old streets come to life and the old way of living is taking its a full course. Old games, clothes, food, and drinks are what is offered, and there is an abundance of singing and fun. The event brings together many visitors.

The island's Klapa Festival

The traditional show that takes place in Pašman every year under the leadership of Klapa Zikva from the island of Pašman. Klapska večer brings together many Klapa groups from different parts of Croatia, women, men and mixed Klapa groups that remind everyone of a beautiful tradition of Klapa groups and acapella singing.

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