The heart of the world lies under the curds of Pašman. In the very middle of so named canal, right alongside a string of pearls, three islands called Bisage, a mystical and enchanting island can be found. If you look from the sea, it is an island that does not differ a lot from its relatives. But if you decide to follow the paths of a curious seagull, you will notice that its silhouettes suddenly change.

You are not mistaken. It is the heart. The heart that jealously protects its Pašman for thousands of years. Throughout the world there are only three islands in the shape of heart, but only Galešnjak, never changes its shape. Neither the winter low tides nor strong tides, not even bora of Velebit, didn't manage to find a way to harm this beauty.

Galešnjak gives, but does not ask. Embraces you with its being while saying: Man, love.

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