Banj is a place of tradition, cherries, culinary delights and special enjoyment in the Dalmatian way of life. A place that you will surely not visit just once. It has a sandy beach where you can enjoy the sun, but also the natural shade of tamarisk trees. Except for the part along the sea, Banj has a autochthonous old stone town centre and the Church of our Lady of Loreto, which is located on the hill Bokolj. If you are coming by sea, you can look for a berth in the local harbour. For all adventurers and people looking for an active vacation there is the already mentioned hill Bokolj which has a developed path for hiking and walking on the hill. In addition, a number of other options are waiting for you, such as jogging in nature, long walks by the sea, cycling, enjoying marine sports or meditation on hidden places along the coast. Here you will truly awaken all your senses and get a particular desire to return again. So be ready, Banj is waiting for you!

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