If you are looking for a holiday far away from crowded cities of Dalmatia crawling with people in the middle of summer, but still want to visit the same area just somewhere where there is more peace and quiet than people, than look no further as Pašman island, is your island. It has everything you are looking for. It is a small island full of tiny villages, sandy beaches and untouched nature, without the crowd. The island is also very well connected to the main land so you can hop over to Zadar or Biograd na moru anytime.
In case you are looking to find out more about the island and how to use the best of your holiday while you are there, here are some useful information about what this island offers.

How to arrive to Pašman?

Island is connected with the main land by ferry boats traveling quite often, especially during summer season, so you can always visit nearby cities or places on land and still catch a ride back home to Pašman the same day. If you are arriving from Zadar you can take a ferry boat in Gaženica port traveling from Zadar to Preko,  a village on island of Ugljan. As this island is connected to Pašman by bridge, feel free to add this place on your bucket list as well especially if traveling by car.

From Biograd na moru, you can catch a ferry boat traveling to Tkon on the island of Pašman.

How about accommodation?

The island of Pašman offers multiple accommodation throughout the island. You can find private apartments, camps or houses to rent mainly on the northern side, as this side is more densely populated. In case complete privacy and untouched nature is more up your alley, we advise you to book one of many houses offered on the southern part.

What about beaches?

Pašman canal is a place with the purest sea water in the area. The reason being is the fact that currents are exchanging every six hours, filtering the sea water.

The island is well known by its beaches, sandy or rocky, crowded or private, it is up to you to decide.

In case an adventure holiday in Robinson type is the way you like it, south part of the island is for you. Rocky beaches, small bays and untouched nature. From southern side of the island a view is spectacular as you are looking straight at Kornati national park.

Looking for sandy beaches and a place that is kids friendly with a mild entrance and loads of additional options for you to do, than we advise you to stay on northern part of the island.

In every village you can find a beach, and just some of them are Jasenice, Lučina, Lokva or Banj.

Most of the beaches on this side are sand of pebble beaches with concrete parts as well, in case lying on the sand is not your preference.

If you have a pet traveling with you, Pašman has a beach for them as well. Mrljane beach will welcome all of your furry pets at any time.

No matter what you are looking for, this island covers it all. But the best part of it is the fact you are spending a vacation experiencing a true Mediterranean life without the crowd. The only thing you need is a glass of good wine and a view of the crystal blue sea which is right at your door on Pašman.

What about cultural heritage?

The island offers many cultural and natural sights. There are even two monasteries on the island. The Franciscan monastery of Saint Dujm is situated in Kraj, while the Benedictine monastery of saint Kuzma and Damjan is overlooking the village of Tkon.

Besides monasteries, you can visit a few old churches, and one of them is a church of Lady of Loreto situated on the hill of Mali Bokolj.

You can merge adventure and history by taking a trip to the south side of the island, to the bay of Saint Ante. A small church was build there and you can access it only by macadam road.

In case you are up for a hike, Pašman has something to offer here as well. Veliki Bokolj is the highest spot on the island with the altitude of 237 meters above the sea level. On top of the hill you will find an amazing view point built as a circle wall, reminding of an old fort overlooking the area.

One of the most interesting man made sights are small stone houses situated all along the island, reminding of ways people of Pašman used to live.

Pašman is surrounded by many small islands, but one of the most interesting ones would be the heart shaped island of Galešnjak, which you can access by organized boat tours or by renting your own boat.

Activities on Pašman island

You want to investigate and see the island by bike? No worries there, we got you. You can choose between two different bike trails, and see the island in two completely different ways.

Trail 8 is an easier trail that runs through all the villages on the island. By taking this trail you can truly experience each and every place and have an overview of the island you chose as your holiday place.

For those more experienced, there is an option of trail 7. The trails runs through the middle of the island mainly via macadam road. You can stop and check loads of lookouts on the way and see both sides of the island, the one looking out to Kornati and the other side looking at Pašman canal.

If you are tired and hot, you can always drive down to one of many natural bays and find your own hidden beach to cool you off.

Other activities offered on island are volleyball on the sand or tennis, but we advise you to try yourself in a local game of boćanje.

Sea adventure awaits as well and it would be a shame not to use the opportunity, so you can rent a jet ski, sup or a boat and discover island from the sea at you own pace.

Where to eat?

After loads of activities or even just sun bathing you will definitely get hungry. If you are making your own food local stores offer loads of fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the island. But when on Pašman you cannot miss out on fresh fish that is sold daily directly from the fisherman in Ždrelac, Pašman or Tkon. It doesn’t get much fresh than this, believe us.

In case cooking is not on your agenda while on vacation, you can walk in one of many restaurants and try homemade dishes or opt for a standard food offer of meat and fish. Add in a glass of local vine and you are in haven.

Night life on the island

Ok, so you have seen the island, you had some great food, and dived into the blue sea and now the day is done and sunset announces the night time. Even though the island is quiet and peaceful you can still experience some quite vivid nightlife. Restaurants and bars offer cocktails and other local drinks but the best thing to visit is definitely a fisherman fest. Those festivities are open throughout the summer and are the best way to see local ways of life and meet people who live there.

Festivities take place in the open and are a combination of local food stands, concerts and live music mixed with some good vine, presenting the tradition of the island in best way possible.

Many shows are available during summer for kids, as well as for adults also.

Where ever you chose to go, relax and soak in the energy, we are sure you will love it.

Summer on Pašman

With a combination of great local and fresh food, inviting accommodation and many natural and historical sights, your vacation on Pašman will not be forgotten. On this island, as well on many other Croatian islands throughout the coast, you will experience a different kind of vacation. In case you want to head out to the cities nearby, an option is available, and your quite oasis on the island awaits.

Once you spend time on this magical Dalmatian island, we bet you will be coming back.