Ždrelac is the largest town on the island of Pašman and is located right next to the bridge that connects Pašman with Ugljan. It is adorned with four beautiful beaches which will meet all your expectations. The view it offers from the bridge is not to be missed. If you are coming by sea, in Ždrelac you can look for a berth on several small moors, and the main harbour is located in the centre of the town. Ždrelac offers long walks, numerous possibilities for running and cycling, a variety of activities at sea and culinary enjoyment in ecologically grown food. Visit the old stone centre of the town that witnessed the indigenous stone construction of the island of Pašman. For those who want to connect the sea air and greenery, there is a pine forest which is located not far from the centre. One day is certainly not enough to visit and feel everything this place has to offer, so be ready because Ždrelac is a place that conquers.

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