A road trip through Dalmatia is an experience that leaves each passenger breathless, but if you ever had the chance to visit this part of Croatia, you probably already know this.

Taking the wavy road from northern Croatia to Dalmatia, you will definitely want to take a stop to admire one of many natural bays. Take your camera with you, you will be needing it. Clear blue sea and the smell of pine tree forest is the best medicine you can prescribe to yourself. It will make you forget even the worst work week ever, we guarantee.

But when summer comes knocking at the door, and the temperature raise above 30 degrees Celsius, it is time for the ultimate hedonism with a combination of sun, sea and sandy beaches. But which beach is the best one and worthy of your visit?

We offer you a list of ten top sandy beaches in Dalmatia right here.

1. Saharun beach on Dugi otok

One of the most visited beaches in Croatia is situated on the Dugi otok, to be exact it is placed near the Veli rat in the north. Saharun beach is an 800 meters long sandy beach, surrounded by natural pine trees in case you are looking for some shade after catching a tan and enjoying all the fun in the sea. It is an amazing location for families with kids as well, but also quite interesting to all other generations, especially younger people looking for a fun place to party as the night comes along.

2. Zaton, a sandy beach near Zadar

13 kilometers away from Zadar, a lovely place called Zaton is situated. But, the beach is not only known for its beauty, as it has been rewarded with a blue flag as well, which is an acknowledgement of the finest sea quality. This beach provides loads of other things for you to do besides enjoying just sun and sea. For example, in case you usually catch your tan by playing sports, you can choose between volleyball, tennis or mini golf. If the heat gets to too much, try picigin to cool yourself.

3. Crvena luka beach next to Biograd na moru

If you are still in the Zadar area it would be a great idea to visit a sandy beach named Crvena luka near Biograd na moru. The sandy part of this beach is 150 meters long and is situated at the deepest part of this hidden bay. The northern part of the beach is reserved for nudists, so you can explore it in case this is your cup of tea. You can access the beach from land, walking from Kumenta, while there is also an option of accessing it from the sea and you can do this by renting a boat on beach Soline or Dražice. You will always find some additional things to do at this beach, for example playing a game of gigantic chess, or you can just opt for a few good books and enjoy it in the shade of pine trees.

4. Tratica beach on Pašman island

Magical Pašman has its on candidates for our list indeed. In a small vilage name Kranj, you will find and adorable sandy beach named Tratica. The beach has a wide and shallow entrance and the sea bottom is covered with sand, hence making it a perfect beach for families with smaller children. The beach also has a concrete part, in case you are not a fan of sand. The beach is surrounded by pine trees providing plenty of natural shade, but in case you missed a spot you can always rent a sunbed and a parasol. In case you want to activate yourself volleyball court is always available.

5. Sabunike beach near Nin

If you are a small family with big kinds or a big family with small kinds, this is the beach for you. The beach itself is quite big and spacious as it is a few kilometers wide and it includes loads of other nearby beaches. A very special thing about this beach is the fact you can try the healing mud therapy, for free. On the other hand, for those among you looking for adventure, this beach is a terrific spot as its location is perfect for wind surfers.

6. Vela Pražina, Lumbarda, the island of Korčula

Not far away from the city of Korčula a wonderful sandy beach is situated among the vineyards. Surrounded with bushes and bit les vegetation it is quite popular if catching a tan is your number one priority. It does, however offer a possibility of renting parasols or sunbeds, of course. As it seams, this beach is highly popular among the younger population because it is quite of a party destination at day, as it is by night.

7. Island of Pašman, Lokva beach

Surrounded by thick pine tree forest, a small gem can be found in the village of Neviđane. Soft sand beach and crystal blue sea will surely blow away every visitor that comes around. The beach provides a concrete part as well if you prefer to keep sand of your towels, but do like a soft sandy entrance into the sea. A hint we can offer is to definitely take your camera with you as at the end of the day, you do not want to miss the most beautiful sunset ever.

8. The island of Pag, Planjika beach in Stara Novalja

Families with smaller children will be loving this next beach of our list. The Planjika beach also called Trinćel is a sandy beach situated on the northern part of the island of Pag in Stara Novalja. Besides being an amazing choice for families because of shallow waters and sandy entrance, this beach proved its quality by being a proud owner of the Blue flag. The beach of course offers loads of things to do besides just swimming and sunbathing and you can try some of the local food in nearby bars and restaurants.

9. Saplunara beach, the island of Mljet

Now this might just be the most interesting beach on the Croatian coast to visit. The reason being is the fact this beach is a natural habitat for many endangered plants, and is also a protected natural area. The beach is surrounded with pine thee forest and untouched nature. If you decide to investigate the place a bit further, not far away from Saplunara you will find Blaće beach that reminds of a blue lagoon. So, in case spending your summer in untouched nature is on your list, this is the beach for you.

10. Šunj, the island of Lopud

The island itself is known as the place with wonderful small beaches but the one we would recommend is Šunj. Ideal for families because of the mild entrance and soft sand, while you can always secure your spot away from the sun under one of many pine trees surrounding the beach. For those of you who like to indulge themselves a bit more, there is an option of booking a massage right at the beach, and we are quite sure you would not miss this for the world. In case adventure is  rather what you are looking for, you can rent a kayak or a jet ski and explore the surrounding islands as well.

We are sure it will not be difficult finding the right beach for yourself, even though the best idea might just be to visit them all and then see which one is your favorite. We doubt these places will disappoint you, if nothing it will be hard not to visit them again and again.

So now that you have the bucket list ready, the only thing to do is to gather your family, pack only the necessities and book a vacation in Croatia, because its time to enjoy life.